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Forex Forums - Top rated Forex Forums. Forum Ratings' goal is to range forex forums and to provide monthly analysis of the rates. This rating is based on votes from all sorts of users and traders from beginners to seniors. If you have ever visited any of these forums, you may click on it's name and rate it. You may rate several forex forums, but only once a day. First day of every month all rating results will be brought to naught! Starting a monthly rating from zero allows to identify a monthly winner and thus more objectively display the voters' oppinion.

Top rated Forex Forums

# Site Review For  Against Comments Stats Status
1 DailyFX Forum DailyFX Forum 60% 40% Comments about DailyFX Forum Voting archive DailyFX Forum
2 Forex Forums Forex Forums 58% 42% Comments about Forex Forums Voting archive Forex Forums
3 Asia ForexForum Asia 56% 44% Comments about ForexForum Asia Voting archive ForexForum Asia
4 FXFisherman FXFisherman 54% 46% Comments about FXFisherman Voting archive FXFisherman
5 MoneyMakerGroup MoneyMakerGroup 47% 53% Comments about MoneyMakerGroup Voting archive MoneyMakerGroup
6 ForexTicket ForexTicket 46% 54% Comments about ForexTicket Voting archive ForexTicket
7 Forex TSD Forex TSD 44% 56% Comments about Forex TSD Voting archive Forex TSD
8 Forex Factory Forex Factory 42% 58% Comments about Forex Factory Voting archive Forex Factory
9 A.I. Stock Market Forum A.I. Stock Market Forum 40% 60% Comments about A.I. Stock Market Forum Voting archive A.I. Stock Market Forum
10 Alpari Forex Forum Alpari Forex Forum 0% 0% Comments about Alpari Forex Forum Voting archive Alpari Forex Forum
11 Earn Forex Earn Forex 0% 0% Comments about Earn Forex Voting archive Earn Forex
12 Forex Forum Forex Forum 0% 0% Comments about Forex Forum Voting archive Forex Forum
13 Forex Ratings Forum Forex Ratings Forum 0% 0% Comments about Forex Ratings Forum Voting archive Forex Ratings Forum
14 ForexTips Forex Tips 0% 0% Comments about Forex Tips Voting archive Forex Tips
15 Forex-FXTrader Forex-FXTrader 0% 0% Comments about Forex-FXTrader Voting archive Forex-FXTrader
16 FXNewstrader ForexNewsTrader 0% 0% Comments about ForexNewsTrader Voting archive ForexNewsTrader
17 Forums Babypips Forums Babypips 0% 0% Comments about Forums Babypips Voting archive Forums Babypips
18 fxfatcat FX Fatcat 0% 0% Comments about FX Fatcat Voting archive FX Fatcat
19 GoForex GoForex 0% 0% Comments about GoForex Voting archive GoForex
20 MoneyTec MoneyTec 0% 0% Comments about MoneyTec Voting archive MoneyTec
21 Ninja Trader Ninja Trader 0% 0% Comments about Ninja Trader Voting archive Ninja Trader
22 OANDA FXTrade OANDA FXTrade 0% 0% Comments about OANDA FXTrade Voting archive OANDA FXTrade
23 OnlineTradersForum OnlineTradersForum 0% 0% Comments about OnlineTradersForum Voting archive OnlineTradersForum
24 Trade2Win Trade2Win 0% 0% Comments about Trade2Win Voting archive Trade2Win
25 Traders Log Traders Log 0% 0% Comments about Traders Log Voting archive Traders Log
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Voting statisctics

16 August 2012   Boris   Forums Babypips
Excellent site for free! Highly recommended. I think that's the best forum for beginners and intermediate traders.
7 July 2012   antwaan   MoneyMakerGroup
Pros: this forum is good for people who are looking for information regarding different ways to make money.
Cons: too much information, you can not be sure if what you read is absolutely correct and if has been revised by the moderators. Have to doeble-check it elsewhere.
29 June 2012   Ray   Forex Forum
Exceptionally good forum, very active. Also they have a lot of educational material.
Daily Market analysis provided from different sources
13 June 2012   Jean yves   MoneyTec
MoneyTec is really a good forex community for beginners.
When I was starting in forex it helped me a lot, there are ton of info there and whole community is really nice.
1 June 2012   Anders   Alpari Forex Forum
I think Alpari UK is extremely professional, I've been with them for over a year now
23 May 2012   fisherman   Forums Babypips
Instructions and help on any subject of forex trading... Simply the best for beginners!

11 May 2012   Jacob Jr.   Traders Log features both a forum and a selection of articles on technical & fundamental Analysis. Also there are helpful reviews of fx software.
8 May 2012   korr   Earn Forex
Earn Forex’s trading tools section is fantastic!
It has all kinds of useful tools that will help you in every aspect of your trading, from technical analysis to money management, etc.
Also I think particularly useful is the Ebooks section. It offers 80+ ebooks on forex trading

3 May 2012   Brenton87   Trade2Win
I found this a useful community, and quite active as well. Someone was always helpful answering my questions.
26 April 2012   Rahman   MoneyTec
Good place for learning and talking about forex. Very friendly admins. They also offer contests to win prizes.
12 April 2012   galationmm   FX Fatcat
I've been a member for a couple of years now, and there's a reason I've been on there for so long.

13 September 2012   Forex TSD
Value investing ?
One of the advantage of forex is the smaller investment needed. You may actually start with $100 and use leverage to maximize it.
13 September 2012   FX Fatcat
I've become a Millionaire
I am now a millionaire thanks to...
9 September 2012   Traders Log
Gold Miners Breaking Out?
Although the SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) has climbed to highs not seen since late-December, 2007, a more dramatic price move could be unfolding in the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX).
9 September 2012   Forex Forum
A Brief Look at Binary EURUSD
The new month started with a modest move on the upside in the Monday session with the common currency remaining between 1.255 and 1.26 all day long. Even the Italian manufacturing PMI number was not able to stir the market.
8 September 2012   Forums Babypips
Pure Price Action for Dummies
Honestly say this week is my best trading week till date. EUR/CHF alone gave me +18% ROI after holding it more than Five Months.
6 September 2012   Forex Forums
Learn to Trade any Market just Like the Junior Traders at the Bank
Can you look at any financial chart regardless of what it is or what time frame you are on and be able to tell where price is going to go? Where price might stop? Or even where price might turn and go the other way?
2 September 2012   FX Fatcat
15 ways to avoid losing money
A lot of forex brokers are horrible; get a good one...
24 August 2012   Earn Forex
Are You Gambling or Trading? Think about this.
Let clear the doubt about trading and gambling...
24 August 2012   Forex Factory
Is regulation compulsory for Forex broker?
In a lot countries still not compulsory to be under financial regulated authorities to be a provider of spot exchange services.
23 August 2012   FX Fatcat
Do you use trading signals?
I don't use any signals at the moment. I'm finding I am getting better results trading myself...

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